Looking for something to put inside a real bone

by Andrea
(Bolingbrook, IL)

My dog loves to lick the heck out of the added ingredients that come inside a white bone. It lasts quite a while. I'd like to find something to replace it after he's licked it all out.

Does anyone have a recipe for something to add to the inside of the bone that has the flavor of bone marrow, but takes a while to lick away?

I'd be happy to bake the ingredients inside of the bone. But I don't want to just add peanut butter--both for the health risks, fatty content, and the fact that it would only last a minute or so. The stuff that comes in a store-bought bone occupy him for even a day or two.

Chef's Answer ~ First, I must recommend that you NOT bake any filling inside the empty marrow bone. The reason is because heat can cause the bone to become brittle and it can splinter and injure your dog.

There are several good ideas for fillings on the Kong website here:


You can use any combination of their suggested ingredients. Whatever your dog may enjoy.

To make the filling last, I would suggest freezing the bone with the filling. You may also want to use a trace amount of peanut butter or honey to make the filling "sticky".

If you want a nice meaty flavor, you could use chunks of chicken, liver or cooked ground turkey.

The filling is limited only to what's healthy for your dog, your dog's taste preferences and your own imagination.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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I fill my bones with canned dog food
by: Anonymous

I fill up the bones with canned dog food and then freeze them. It lasts less than an hour, but it is more nutritious and less calories than peanut butter.

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