Looking for icing like they have on dog treats in pet stores that are left sitting out

by Mary

I am looking for the icing recipe that you see on the dog treats they leave out at pet store does anyone have one??

Chef's Answer ~ Most likely the dog treat icing you see in stores is a modified Royal Icing recipe with yogurt powder. The dried ingredients allow the product to stay out without needing refrigeration. Unfortunately royal icing is made with a large amount of sugar and so is not the best choice for a dog treat.

If you want to make a pretty dog treat gift for a friend I highly recommend making the treat ahead of time and then the day before you give the gift make one of our homemade dog treat icings and instruct the recipient to keep the gift in the fridge until it is served to the furry friend.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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