Kye - Labrador Retriever

by Maggie Darpel
(Crescent springs, KY)

Kye is a great dog, he is so sweet and I love him so very much. Kye is 12 years old now, but he still loves to do all the same stuff he could, even though he can't.

He can do a lot of tricks, sit, stay, off, up, lay down, heel, wait, get daddy, shake, paw, speak, come. He is now retired but when he was younger he could, fetch, get the paper, cross the street, swim, play tug a war and anything that has to do with running. Right now he can't run but he is still the same dog he was 10 years ago.

Kye loves peanut butter, cheese and of course treats. Some things Kye likes to do that some dogs might not is, suck on a blanket and chew on a peanut butter jar. He is the best dog ever.

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