Keeping Dog Treats for Selling

by Vicki
(NSW, Australia)

Hi thank you for all your recipes - through your inspiration and the dog business ebook I am starting up at the local markets and just wondered are all the dog treats (even the meat) okay to sell without refrigeration on the day until the owners get them home. Or which would be the best ones?

Chef's Answer ~ That's a tough question to answer because there are so many variables. Generally, if you have baked the treats hard and crunchy, so there is very little moisture in them, they will last a lot longer than the soft and moist treats. You will also want to package the treats so as to remove as much air as possible. Air, heat and moisture are your enemies, so if you address those three things with your individual dog treats, you should be fine. I hope that you do well in your new business! :)

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Selling at Markets
by: Jane

This is a comment on selling at markets. You MUST be careful of moisture in your packaging if it is in the sun. Moisture can build up and if you don't watch it the biscuits will mold. We explain that to our customers and as long as you are upfront with them they will respect that. We tell them to open the package when they get home to let them dry again.

Thanks Heaps
by: Vicki

Thank you Chef that is very helpful information, I cant wait to start at the local markets. :)

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