Is it okay to add eggs for increased nutrition?

by Patti

added low sodium ck broth

dogs love the biscuit

wanted to know is it okay to add eggs for increased nutrition and how does this effect the biscuit

Chef's Answer ~ First, I'm so glad to hear that your dogs enjoyed the flax squares the way you made them with the chicken broth.

Since I haven't made this recipe with eggs, I can only take a guess at how it would turn out. I would imagine that you could add one or two eggs. However, you will need to increase the amount of dry ingredients and decrease the amount of water or chicken broth that you add to compensate for the added eggs.

I don't have an exact amount of the ingredients that you should increase/decrease. I would say to add more as needed slowly and work the dough into something that you can roll out and cut.

I hope that helps! :)

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