Is it bad to bake benadryl in dog treats?

by Liz
(Carpentersville, IL)

I have to give my dog 2 benadryl 3 x a day. He sometimes doesn't always eat his food in the morning and won't just eat the meds. I was thinking that I could make little treats and hide the meds in the middle then I can just give him 1 treat and he won't know what I' m doing. Do you see any problem w/ this in baking the treats... I wasn't sure about the capsule melting being an issue... any thoughts?

Chef's Answer ~ Yes, I do see a problem with baking benadryl in your dogs treats. The package for benadryl says to keep it at 68 to 77 degrees for safety. As you know, ovens get much hotter than that! :)

So, some alternatives would be to make a really yummy soft treat and hide the pills inside. Why not try the Salmon Cakes recipe for starters. It has a strong aroma, so the pill smell will be masked. It is soft and you can easily make the treats smaller to just fit the two pills. If your dog has more of a sweet tooth, you can bake the Carrot Dog Cupcakes recipe. Depending on the size of your dog, you may want to bake mini cupcakes for the daily medication dose.

Hope this helps! :)

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