Is gum paste or fondant safe for dog treat icing?

by Ivette

I want to put my dog's name on a huge cookie for his birthday. Can I use gum paste or fondant to do it?? Is it safe for him?? Thank You

Chef's Comments ~ I looked at a few common recipes for gum paste and fondant, and I can't see that they contain ingredients that would be dangerous for a dog. However, both are made with high amounts of sugar, something that is not necessary, or very healthy, in a dog's diet.

If the gum paste or fondant was for the visual appeal of the humans at the party and was removed before serving, that of course would be fine. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend using either of those for your dog.

What I would suggest is checking out the icings and the dog treat decorations from K9 Cakery.

I hope that helps you have a great and healthy celebration! :)

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