IS baking powder bad for dogs, because I thought it was, so it it safe to use?

In many veterinarian sites they say that baking powder or soda is really harmful for dogs. So I really want to make a cake or treat for my two dogs, but I am not sure if baking powder is safe.

Chef's Answer ~ You should not feed your dog straight baking powder or baking soda, but using a teaspoon or two in a dog cake or other dog treat should not cause any problems.

I am very curious about, and would love to read the articles that you found, saying that baking powder and soda are harmful to dogs. Would it be possible to list the links here as comments or use my contact us form?

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Baking Soda Incident
by: Gigi

My Gran-dog Daisy (miniature dachshund-8lbs) had gotten sick on the couch one afternoon. My son-in-law cleaned it up, then put baking soda on the spot. He wasn't watching Daisy & she must have licked it up or sniffed some. By that evening, she was sick & her nose had swelled up huge! They had to take her to the emergency 24 hr Vet. Daisy had 2 injections. We are hoping she won't have any long term affects from the baking soda. I never knew it could be so toxic.

dangerous if powder
by: Anonymous

Baking soda is dangerous if it is still in powder form, when it is diluted with water in limited doses .... certainly not dangerous. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is also produced actually living creatures who have the pancreas and liver, to process food into energy.

Industry greed
by: Tyree

I believe the reason they warn against these certain things that most people with common sense know are okay in moderation is because they don't want us using natural, inexpensive, and effective "fixes" for anything. It is kind of like Kevin Trudeau's discovery about the greedy society in which we live. There is a lot of stuff "THEY" don't want us to know about so as not to throw off the economy. on Yahweh's green earth is raw meat (the good that was put on this earth to be the dog and cat's natural food before we even domesticated them) all of the sudden harmful for them!? The people in the pet industry are already figured into their slot in the economy to make a ton of money off of us. If everybody stopped buying pet food, shampoo, powders, and medication that says it's for our pets and went natural the "pet industry" would fall quickly!! By slapping the words dog or cat in front of a product they have managed to rake our pockets for atleast 100% up charge on most products that can find in a different aisle or a natural cure or fix for, for pennies! It's the truth folks so do thorough research, use common sense, and don't believe everything you hear.

baking soda for dogs
by: Anonymous

I give my dogs a half teaspoon in their water if they have minor stomach problems...bowl is about 2 cups

Leavening Agents for Dogs
by: narratus

Things that are often included in recipes with other ingredients and cooked are not the same as things ingested raw from your cabinet by a dog. It is safe to use a small amount of baking soda in dog biscuits. You don't want your dog eating baking soda straight, that can be very dangerous for your pet.

I found a terrific site that gives reasons why things might be bad for your dog, but as always, consult your vet with any questions or emergencies you might have!

To Anonymous Raw Food comment
by: Holistic dog

To Anonymous

regarding raw food. The digestive systems of current day dogs, dogs of many years ago and wild dogs are different.
Through domestication the inner organs and systems have changed to adapt to the domestication of modern day dogs.

If you are feeding a raw diet it should be from the puppy stage so the dog can adjust to raw. Changing from a "regular diet of commercial dog food" to a raw diet can cause issues for the dog.

Personally I prepare fresh human grade food daily for my dogs.

Baking soda/powder harmful to dogs
by: holistic dog

YES! Baking soda and powder is extremely harmful to dogs, It can cause digestive distress and/or death.

My greatest pet peeve is people who put out recipes for dog treats with ingredients that can cause harm and even death to dogs.

Baking soda
Baking powder
Canola oil - cancer related
sunflower oil - the worst
powdered milk
any dairy - dogs are lactose intolerant and should not have dairy of any kind
and putting seeds into a treat can be a chocking hazard for a dog
cornmeal - huge allergen

and more and more and more

soda not toxic but can be bad yes
by: Trillistar

The main reason soda is a problem for pets is they have a smaller stomach and they can't handle a reaction internally as well as a human, even humans have problems when taking too much soda as in things similar to alka seltzer. Using the proper amount in a recipe the soda should be neutralized during cooking if not before so there is none left to cause a problem. (do NOT leave out salt in recipes, the small amount helps the reaction)
The itch someone's dog had was possibly an infection or allergy already well under way and the soda would have aggravated it, at least get a professional diagnosis and preferably don't treat your pet yourself (I realize its expensive to see a vet but playing doctor on a single statement is a good way to kill a loved pet). Even on people the only thing I'd use soda on is a bee sting and then only briefly to draw toxins then wash off, leaving it on is asking to get it in the blood stream.

baking powder for dogs
by: col

I don't know if baking powder or soda is harmful to dogs.Many canine recipies call for 1 or both.The new bake a bone maker especially.I do know thru extensive research I've done on medicines for 2 ill family members that the least trustworthy place to find accurate information for human or pet info is webmd.This site is run by big pharma Drs.Their sole goal is to scare people away from any healthy or organic alternatives.

baking powder or soda
by: Anonymous

If it isn't helpful for you pet then why use it? This is one ingredient I keep coming across online in many dog treat recipes that I think shouldnt be there. We use it in bake goods to help them rise but it isnt necessary in dog treats and might be harmful to our 4-legged friends so why use it? Please research ALL ingredients before adding them. Just because you find a recipe online dosent mean its okay. PLEASE RESEARCH!

Baking Soda IS Toxic to Dogs
by: Anonymous

Like many of you I was skepitcal about who post on sites, and whether some foods/ingrediants are toxic to our dogs.
Our shih-tzu was itching at his neck for about a day (no fleas or bites), and one site said to use baking soda on the affected area to calm the itching. We didn't put a lot on his neck, just rubbed small amount into the small area. He started vommiting later in the evening and all morning. We just got back from the vet, who warned us that Baking Soda is VERY toxic to dogs. Poor little guy had to have two injections, and the vet put him on meds for a week to help avoid possible liver failure...

"Toxic Foods for Dogs" websites are very misleading...
by: Anonymous

There are a lot of things that various websites say are toxic to dogs and should never be given... however most people don't actually know what the word "Toxic" means.

Something that is toxic can generally be consumed in small/moderate amounts without an immediate negative effect, but will cause problems in the long term and with prolonged exposure.

Something that causes immediate severe illness or death is poisonous. For instance, most of those websites say that garlic and onions are toxic to dogs. This is true - consumption of onions/garlic constantly over a long period of time (several months or years) has been linked to certain blood disorders in dogs. On the other hand, chocolate is poisonous to dogs and any consumption of chocolate by your dog should be cause for concern (and possibly a trip to the emergency vet).

Of course, items that are toxic can also be poisonous (but so can items that aren't toxic!), it just depends on the amount ingested.

Some other things those websites are misleading about:

1. The flesh of peaches and plums is fine. Just don't give your dog the pit.
2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeding your dog raw meat. The reasons webMD gives for NOT feeding your dog raw meat are more of a concern for people... dogs are much better protected against e.coli and salmonella than humans are.... what with dogs were eating raw food until about the last 150 years or so that dogs began eating specific "dog food". In fact, most dogs do perfectly fine chewing on bones that humans would've long thrown away for being unsanitary.

Baking soda to brush your dogs teeth
by: Anonymous

I actually just tried to brush my dogs teeth with baking soda. She started to act funny afterwards.

So I googled it and immediately see that its toxic. I called our emergency vet and they said it is toxic to dogs but that enough just to brush their teeth shouldn't hurt. But don't give them anything but water afterwards.

"Baking Soda Unsafe for Pets" is on
by: Anonymous

Here is what I believe is the original source of the "baking soda is bad for pets" on the web. I have seen numerous authors quote this verbatim as if they wrote it themselves.

Some say it's unsafe
by: Super K

I'm not the original poster, but I can see how the OP could think that any amount was unsafe.

Slide 19 of 25 says baking powder, baking soda, and nutmeg are all highly toxic (they also say "and other spices", which isn't specific or helpful):

Those are just 2 instances that I came across. I do hate it when I come across a site that says an ingredient is unsafe "in large amounts" but they won't tell you if a small amount is okay. I mean, a lot of stuff is unsafe or will make you ill in large amounts, for humans or dogs.

Alright, *steps off soapbox*.

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