Is a small amount of (organic) honey a no no for making dog treats?

by Denise
(Chicago, IL)

I was making some banana cup cakes and the recipe called for 3 tbsp honey.

Chef's Answer ~ No, it is not unhealthy to use a small amount of honey or sugar when making dog treats. Keep in mind though, that dogs do not need sugar in their treats (even if your dog tries to convince you otherwise.) If you choose to use honey or sugar at all when making homemade dog treats, honey is the natural choice because it is not processed as much as sugar. If you want to substitute honey for sugar, you can do so at a ratio of one for one, up to 1/2 cup (anything over a 1/2 cup would require you to adjust the measurements of baking powder, baking soda, other liquids in the recipe and even baking times.) So, if you choose to make a dog biscuit with honey or sugar, make sure that it is given rarely and in moderation.

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