I'm looking for a grain free salmon dog treat recipe, any ideas?

by Jenny
(Boise ID)

There are a lot of Grain-free recipes out there, but we are specifically looking for one that uses salmon, instead of liver or chicken, etc. Hopefully one that has a chewy or soft texture, something that we can stick her allergy pills in and she will never know. We used to stick her pills in hot dogs until we determined that her allergies are most likely food allergies. HELP!

Chef's Answer ~ Then you'll love my Salmon Cakes for Dogs recipe. To make it grain-free, since it uses bread crumbs, try making your own crumb coating from grain free crackers, like brown rice crackers.

To stick her pills inside, you may want to keep the salmon mixture in a ball shape, instead of flattening.

Another option is to experiment by substituting canned salmon for the liver and chicken in the other grain free recipes you have. You'll just have to test the moisture content and add more or less to keep the treat together.

I hope these go over well with your little one! :)

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Since when are rice crackers grain free?
by: Anonymous

The recipe suggested calls for bread crumbs, and the writer suggests using rice crackers as a grain-free alternative? Rice is a GRAIN. So are wheat, corn, oats, quinoa, kamut, spelt, etc.

I know biscuits can be made truly grain free. I'd like to see a good recipe that is exactly that.

Chef's Comments ~ Oops! You are absolutely right, rice is a grain. My brain must have taken a coffee break, because when I read the word "grain", I thought the words "wheat and gluten free". That was my mistake, and I intend on correcting it! :)

To make the Salmon Dog Cakes without grains, you could substitute the bread crumbs with crumbled almond or flax crackers. I also have a recipe for yummy Cheesy Flax Squares that could be baked a little harder and then crumbled to substitute the bread crumbs.

Thanks for catching my mistake! Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

Slightly freezer burned salmon/halibut Boise, ID
by: Fish Gail

We are blessed to fish every two years or so for salmon/halibut in Alaska. We love fresh, but after a year some of the processed bags break a seal, what to do with it. That's my question. We don't have dogs, just cats. Is there someone in the Boise, Idaho area that wants this fish for productive purposes?

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