I want to start a dog treat, dog biscuit business

I am looking for a way to make a "meal in a bone". I may even use that name for one of my dog biscuits. My dog is very finicky about what he eats and I thought if you could "give a dog a bone" in a treat form that was healthy for them, maybe using fresh meat and vegetables, do you have a recipe that would work? I thought about using fresh beef or chicken and green peas and carrots.

I am going to set up at the fair grounds this fall and I would also like to know how to promote my products.

Thank you for any help you can give. I love your website!


Chef's Answer ~ It sounds like you have some great ideas. I did some research and of all the dog business books out there I really liked this one on starting your own Dog Bakery Business.

As far as a recipe is concerned, are you looking to make a "meal in a bone" be the dogs main diet or a treat? If it's for his main diet, no, I don't have a recipe. I focus only on treats, not a dogs main diet. If you were looking more for treats, I could get you started, but you would need to come up with your own recipes.

I hope everything works out for you with your business and your inventive ideas! :)

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