I tried creating my own dog treat recipes, now I have questions

by Ann

I have made several doggie cookie recipes and have actually just tried creating my own ... so my questions are

how do you know if the recipe requires some oil added to it for some cookie recipes call for oil or some type of fat added while others do not

some recipes call for baking powder, is this a needed ingredient or just used for rising

and do you just balance the dry and wet ingredients till you have a workable dough

thank you so much,
~ ann

Chef's Answer ~ I'll do my best to answer each question. :)

Some dog cookie recipes do not call for oil because they are creating a lower fat end product. They are also most likely getting their "moisture" from another source like unsweetened applesauce, broth, or water. But adding oil, especially healthy oils like olive oil may be beneficial to your dogs health.

It is my opinion that baking powder is used just for rising. I have customized and created many recipes and have omitted baking powder with wonderful results.

In a nut shell, yes, to create a dog treat dough you need to balance the wet/dry ingredients and have, not only a workable dough, but also an appealing dog treat that dogs love and people like, too.

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