I am trying to find a cost effective recipe for gluten free dog treats..

by Lis
(Orlando, Fl.)

Hello, I am trying to find cost effective recipes for gluten free dog treats, any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Chef's Answer ~ Gluten free dog treats are easy to make. Find a dog treat recipe that you think your dog will find appealing, (or a recipe that you already have the ingredients for since you're trying to cut costs).

Next, substitute the wheat or white flour for a gluten free flour. You can specifically purchase flour that is gluten free. You can also substitute potato flour, corn flour, rice flour, rye flour, or oat flour. All of these can be found at large grocery stores or a health food store. You can also make your own oat flour by purchasing bulk rolled oats and grinding them into a powder with a food processor.

Another option is to make dog treat recipes that do not contain any flour or grain. For example the Dehydrated Liver Dog Treats recipe can be used with inexpensive calf liver or chicken liver.

I hope these ideas have got your imagination going for gluten free dog treats. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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Gluten free all purpose flour
by: Anonymous

I'm in the early stages of starting a home business making gluten free dog treats. In my research I found gluten free all purpose flour, however the ingredients listed are garbanzo bean flour, tapioca flour, fava bean flour, sorghum flour which seem ok. But another ingredient listed is potato starch, which is toxic for dogs. The next time I make a batch of treats I'm going to substitute the gluten free all purpose flour with whole ground flaxseed meal. I'm hoping it's a good substitute.
Great web site.

Wheat free is not necessarily gluten free!
by: Anonymous

Wheat free does not mean gluten free - rye, barley and oats all contain gluten. If you are trying to avoid gluten you must substitute other flours (rice, corn, potato, tapioca are all gluten free).

Chef's Comments ~ Thank you for clarifying. I really appreciate dog treat bakers helping other dog treat bakers! :)

Because of your comment I have done further research. I've learned that although Oats contain a low amount of gluten, they are often processed in a facility with wheat and other grains, and so they become contaminated. If your dog is very sensitive to gluten, you will want to look for gluten free oat flour or gluten free rolled oats to use in your dog treat recipes and to make your own oat flour.

Thanks for all you do
by: Jamie

Hello, Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. I work for a hypoallergenic dog food website and we check in with your site all the time to see what great ideas or recipes you have.

We made our own video using the very good recipe we found for hypoallergenic dog biscuits.

Thanks again.

Jamie from www.hypoallergenicdogfood.net

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