I am looking for an icing for dog treats that will stand up to the Texas heat, any ideas?

by Teresa

I am making Dog Treats for a Flea Market. I want to ice them to make them special, but I am concerned that the icing will start to melt in the Texas Heat any ideas?

Chef's Answer ~ Hot and humid environments can cause problems for dog treat icing. My first suggestion is to try either the Egg Paint Dog Treat Icing recipe or the Cornstarch Dog Treat Icing recipe. The egg paint goes on before you bake the dog treats, so it should stand up to the heat very nicely. The cornstarch recipe is used after the treat is made, but the ingredients should not spoil in the heat, so it should survive the heat as well.

Another option is to use a traditional dog cookie icing called Royal Icing. My only concern with this type of icing is that is full of sugar. So, if you are going to use this, please use a small amount, keep the treats small and advise dog owners that over indulgence in this treat (or any treat for that matter) may cause an upset tummy, so enjoy sparingly.

One more suggestion that comes to mind is to have a display of your cookies and then have the dog treats that will be purchased in a cooler. That way if the icing starts to melt a little, your main products are safe and sound in a cool place.

I hope this helps, enjoy baking dog treats! :)

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