How to make sure the dog biscuits won't mold?

by Kelly

I made some dog treats and gave them away to my friends. I few stated that the treats molded what did I do wrong?

Chef's Answer ~ I doubt you did anything wrong with the dog treat recipe. Since homemade dog treats are made without preservatives, they must be refrigerated or frozen. Only the most dried out, hard and crunchy dog biscuits can be left out at room temperature. Even then, they have a shorter shelf life than commercially made dog treats.

As a future suggestion, you can do what I do when I give friends and family homemade dog treats. I write on a zip-lock bag (with a black felt tip pen) the name and type of treat, the date, plus how long it should be kept in the fridge and/or freezer. A lot of people are use to store bought treats that last in a cardboard box for months. But, that's not what you are giving them, so they need to be reminded of the freshness of the homemade dog treat.

If you'd like to make your treats last longer in the future, you could always use a natural preservative. You can find a good one at K9, they also have a ton of cute things to bake and decorate dog treats with.

I hope this helps, and I'm sorry your treats went bad too quickly!

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