How to make my dog biscuits look professionally made!!

Firstly, what a great site, congratulations!!!

I have just started to cook doggy biscuits at home using a bone style cookie cutter. I would like to know of a technique whereby I could roll out uniformly 1/2 inch dough consistently. I would like them to look like a real bone rather than the misshapen uneven look that is coming out of the do the professional bakeries get it!!!
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Chef's Answer ~ One technique is a handy tool called rolling pin rings. They are plastic or silicon rings that slip on the ends of your rolling pin. Then when you roll out your dough, it will only be as thick as your choice of rings.

Also, by using a small, flexible spatula, you may be able to gently lift your bone shaped treats off of your work surface and on to the baking sheet. One last trick, just in case your not doing this already, is to dip your cookie cutter in flour before you cut the dough. It helps it to release from the dough and the cutter, more easily.

Thanks for the complements to my site, let me know how it goes! :)

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