How I get the most for my money when making treats.

by Gail
(Napanee, Ont Canada)

I buy whole chickens or turkeys when they are on sale. I found that I get a better deal buying whole chickens or turkeys.

The breast meat is made into tenders and my two westies love them.

The dark meat along with any pieces of the white meat that is too small to be used for tenders is put in the food processor and ground up along with veggies that they like carrots and such.

Add their fav seasoning then make them into meatballs I cook them in the broth made from the bones of the fowl that I have.

My guys love them almost as much as the tenders and they are great treats I freeze them in groups to do a couple of day and make them fairly small.

Two treats for the price of one and by cooking them in the broth they are have less fat in them plus the have a ton of flavor and no needed fat has to be added to cook them.

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