How do I make training treats that won't contradict my dachshunds weight control?

by Taylor
(Kingfisher, OK)

I have two dachshund puppies, Sadie and Cooper. As I am sure you know, dachshund need to keep their weight at healthy levels in order to keep from having serious back problems.

Sadie is thin and lean, but Cooper Boy.. well, he needs a little help maintaining his weight. It's no problem for me, as I love them so much that I think I'd go through anything for them. Like making homemade training treats without harmful fillers and fats.

I am just wondering if you have any recipes that you would recommend as training treats (not extremely dangerous to overfeed). All puppies need training and crave treats. Sadie and Cooper are no different. (: If you can help, please do. It will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ahead,
Taylor, Doxie Mommy

Chef's Answer ~ If you want a really low fat training treats, try cut green beans or carrots slices. Most dogs enjoy them, and they have very little calories.

If you want more of a dog biscuit, stick to the recipes that are loaded with vegetables and replace some of the flour with wheat bran and/or ground flax seed which will increase the fiber content of the treat and make it more filling.

I hope this has helped! Happy dog training! :)

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