How can I make no sodium dog treats?

by Judy
(Piqua, Ohio)

I love to make homemade treats for (Shadow) my 8 pound 11 year old Maltese. But I find it hard to find any ingredients without salt. Shadow has heart trouble and I was told he should not have sodium at all if possible.

Thank You So Much

Chef's Answer ~ A really easy treat to make that does not contain salt is dehydrated meats. For example my Chicken Jerky dog treats recipe. Since your dog is in his golden years, you may want to make the jerky a little softer for him to chew on.

At times when our dogs are on a special diet one idea for treats is to make them from their own daily food. You can learn more about this by reading the page on Dog Food Treats. I hope this helps you get started making homemade dog treats.

The best thing to do is be very diligent in reading and understanding recipes and ingredients. Then you'll start to find a wonderful array of treats to make for your little Shadow.

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