How Can I make Jerky?

by Sam

I want to make some beef, fish,chicken and other meat Jerky for my dogs. Preferably with a simple marinade or something. Whatever dogs like best! I'll be using a dehydrator. I don't know how to make the Jerky and I can't find many recipes!

Chef's Answer ~ Most dog treat jerky's do not need any type of marinade. The meat is already quite flavorful for your dog, and marinades typically add quite a bit of sodium, which your dog doesn't need in his treats.

Start with your dehydrators user manual to see what it recommends for drying the various types of meat you mentioned. If you do not have a manual, search the internet for one. People often share their manuals for those who have lost theirs.

You can also make the dried Liver Dog Treats recipe with your oven, too.

No matter what, you'll have one happy camper with all those meat dog treats! :)

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Made turkey jerky yesturday - spread thin!
by: sue

1 pound of turkey in the food processer.
(I added a half teaspoon of garlic poweder and 1 tbls of olive oil, that is what the recipie called for)
once all mushed up, pour out onto cookie sheet and spread as thin as possible (we did not spread thin so instead of jerky, we got rubbery treats, but the dog loves them so all is good LOL)

bake at 200 degrees (F) for half hour, cut them into shapes, turn them over and continue cooking until dried.

Recipie says to leave oven door open to let moisture escape, (my oven turns off if door is open) OR, what I did was go back every 20 minutes and mop up extra liquid and fat off the cookie tray with a paper towel.

Making Jerky & Book Recommendation
by: Anonymous

Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook is like a food drying encyclopedia. You could easily skip the marinating steps and just use the meat drying guidelines for all kinds of jerkys. I want to try making chicken wrapped sweet potato sticks.

Here's a link to her book on Amazon.

Good Luck!

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