Homemade dog treats without allergies

by Nancy

My dog is allergic to carrots, peanuts, soy, poultry, white potatoes, green peas, carrots, kelp, alfalfa & barley. HELP! Do you have any ideas???

Chef's Answer ~ My first thought for any dog suffering from so many varied allergies is to make your treats simple. The dehydrated liver recipe comes to mind because it is only one ingredient. Plus, most dogs love the end treat, so it makes it more enjoyable to make treats that you know your dog will love and is good for him.

Some of my recipes have the foods on your dogs list of allergens, but many do not. Just start browsing the recipes to find acceptable recipes.

You may want to start with the meat dog treat recipes first, and then go from there.

I hope this helps! Happy Dog Treat Baking :)

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Regarding sensitive pups
by: Gigi

For peanut allergies, you can use almond butter in place of peanut butter and the pups will love it! i use oat and rice flour instead of wheat flour b/c my dogs are wheat sensitive. I have a recipe with cheese, honey, bacon, egg, rice flour and oat flour. add a little water to form and then use a silicone baking mold that has 10 dog bone shapes. works great!

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