Hi, I've just started making dog treats and the storage is an issue I'm not too sure about!

How long can treats made with quark or other cheeses be stored in the fridge? Treats made without dairy products or meat ingredients can be kept in an airtight jar for how long? What about treats I make using fish?! Sorry for so many questions, I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Chef's Answer ~ Storing homemade dog treats is similar to storing homemade baked goods for humans. Whenever there isn't natural or artificial preservatives, the treat will only be fresh, outside of refrigeration, for a few days.

I have several tips to consider when determining the storage life for your homemade dog treats.

One of the biggest things to consider is how dry is your finished dog treat? The dryer it is, the longer it should stay fresh without refrigeration.

I hope this has helped. You can also consider a natural preservative to add to your dog treat recipes.

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