Harper - Weimaraner

by Amber Rossman
(Kansas City, MO)

Crossed Paws Mean A Happy Lady

Crossed Paws Mean A Happy Lady

Harper is my lovely rescue from Iowa Weimaraner Rescue. I adopted her in May and she has lived a pampered life with me in Kansas City since then. Her funny personality gets her attention from all who meet her.

Because we bake so much and because I love to shop, photograph and brag about our adventures I have been motivated to start a Tumblr blog full of reviews called Haute Harper. After our friends have harassed us non-stop, we caved in this week and started our blog.

Guess what? One of our favorites is Dog Treat Kitchen! Harper and I will be taste testing and we'd like to send traffic your way.

Here is your sneak preview: http://hauteharper.tumblr.com/post/32619146005/dog-treat-kitchen-price-free-for-you-and-me

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