Gizmo - Hairless Chinese Crested

by Lynn E.
(Coplay, PA)

Gizmo and his

Gizmo and his "baby"

Gizmo was and still is my 1st Hairless Chinese Crested. His birthday is June 2nd. He was born in 2004, which makes him 9 yrs old!

Some of his favorite treats are raw carrots and apples and my Ezekiel bread. He is funny because he comes running when he hears me cutting an apple or carrot with a knife. Or when I remove my bread from the bag, regardless of how quiet I am! He also eats other store bought (organic) treats.

Gizmo is a very energetic little boy. He loves attention and being held. In the house he is always following me. He also loves car rides and sleeping in the big human bed!

Playing Frisbee is Gizmo's very favorite past-time. Sometimes he will catch the Frisbee mid-air! If he had his way we would be playing with that Frisbee 24/7.

He has a fuzzy orange toy that we call, his "baby"! He walks with it in his mouth as he is whimpering. He gently places it down in a safe spot. This toy is picked by Gizmo every night and taken to bed with him. He also enjoys playing fetch with his other toys or going for walks.

He also makes a great kayak companion! On a Sunday morning when we go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, he can't wait to go. For Gizmo this has now become a habit. The very nice woman at the drive-thru always has a treat ready and if not he gets a donut hole!

Words cannot describe how much I love and respect my little Gizzy. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Sometimes the way he moves his head when I speak, I think he understands what I am saying. And yes, he is spoiled!

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Chinese crested treats NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi we have just adopted a chinese crested dog 10monts old...wecwant to give him the odd treat but are not sure what is safe? Would a small plain (human) biscuit be harmful? Thanks

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