Fruity, Nutty Cool-Me-Downs

(Beaverton, OR)

These are cold, simple, fruity treats that will cool your dog down during blazing summer days. It is really easy to make and my dogs loved it!

You will need:

An ice cube tray

Diced fruits, vegetables (we used bananas and sweet potatoes)

Peanut butter (to drizzle at on top at the end)

Enough doggie smoothie to fill the tray (or just use water)


1. Pour in doggie smoothie or water to ice cube trays. Fill about halfway.

2. Add in two or three pieces of fruit to each cube.

3. If there is still some room left at the top of the cube, pour in more smoothie to fill completely.

4. Pop in the freezer until completely frozen.

5. Drizzle or put a dollop of all natural peanut butter on top (if you have the kind from Trader Joe's, the "only peanuts" kind, you should be able to drizzle)

6. Enjoy! :)

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Mar 20, 2013
Great frozen dog treats! Fun to make, too!
by: Nicole S.

It gets super warm where we live in the summer. The dogs were panting, and my friends and I were bored and hot (I'm 13). We decided we wanted to make something that would be easy and doesn't require ovens, since the house would become warm. We made these, and we thought they'd be too messy, since that's what it said in the other reviews. But these turned out great!! I have two labs and a golden, and they loved these. But yes, I agree, they do make a bit of a mess, but they ate it outside in the grass so we were okay with it.

Mar 14, 2013
Good frozen dog treat.....if put in a bowl while it melts
by: Anonymous

Made it for my dog using water. I added diced apples and strawberries. She liked it, but it took a little long to get to the middle. We were fine with that because we were going out, so we used it to keep her busy and not chew up the couch or something like that. Just one thing: it's pretty messy if it melts. I recommend putting it in a dog food bowl or on a no-spill plate. Has anyone else tried this yet?? What other fruits do you recommend?

Dec 03, 2012
Pretty good...
by: Anonymous

My friend and her kids came over and we decided to make them together. The kids did have fun making it--although they tried to eat most of the strawberries. :) We used cut up strawberries, bananas, and squash. One of my dogs loved it. But the other one doesn't really like cold things and left it in her food bowl. It melted and it looked kind of gross and squishy.

I have one question though, how do you make dog smoothie? Is it just water and fruits?

Overall, it was pretty good and one of my dogs, Sofie, stopped panting afterwards. It's right--it is easy and fun to make. But I think it's more fore making it, than eating it. :)

Chef's Comments ~ Thanks for you comments on this dog treat recipe. Since this is a visitor submitted recipe, I'm not sure how the doggie smoothie is made. I did find an extensive recipe online if you'd like to check it out:

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