For the Love of Paws

by Melinda and Kristy
(Circleville, Ohio)

My co-worker and I provide therapy for the elderly at a nursing home and we have
the opportunity to assist our patients with baking/cooking that prepares them for these daily activities at home after their rehab stay.

We usually have a lot of dogs that visit the nursing home on a daily basis and most of our patients we see have animals at home awaiting their return. We started over a year ago baking dog treats for these pets.

We are also dog owners who love and care about what our pets are eating and have been concerned about the recent dog treat recalls. We use only natural, tasty, preservative and dye free ingredients, and added local honey that may help with allergies. We have had success with every batch with our own dogs and with others we have served.

Our business is based in Circleville, Ohio with an e-mail address at:

phone number 740-412-4354

We are excited to continue on this journey of baking/selling our dog treats in our community.

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