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by Anne

Hi, I love your website. I have a question about icing the cookies. You have a list of suggestion but do you mix these products with other items to make the icing? If you use cream cheese how long will it last and will it be hard when dried. I'm looking to make cookies to give as gifts for my grand-puppy and my girlfriend's dog's and I want them to look cute. I would appreciate any kind of feedback you can give me.
Thank you.

Chef's Answer ~ Thank you for your complement! :)

You're right I don't have as many dog treat icing recipes posted as I have in my files, I'll be posting more soon.

In the meantime there are 5 recipes to chose from. You can also use a traditional people icing called Royal Icing. You can find one recipe for royal icing on this previous Q & A, or you can search for another recipe online. But please note, this icing is almost entirely sugar. So, use it sparingly or give your dog a very small amount at one time, or both! :)

The cream cheese icing will be fresh for one week if kept in the refrigerator. It will not dry hard, it's more of a frosting or glaze, than an icing.

I hope this has helped. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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