Dog biscuits made with real meat

by Joshua Worman
(Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

HI, I have a beagle named Newt, and I would like to make some homemade biscuits that are made with real meat. Is such a thing possible? The reason is I would like it to taste as much like what ever meat I use as possible. Also, being that my beagle is very scent oriented, real meat would smell irresistible to him. Do you have any suggestions on places to start for my meat based biscuit recipes?

Chef's Answer ~ Meat based dog treats are always a big hit. You can customize dog treat recipes by substituting the water for chicken or beef broth which would give the treat an aromatic appeal. Remember that Newt, as well as other dogs have a stronger sense of smell and will smell the meat more than you'll be able to.

But, if you really want to wow your dog, make dehydrated liver dog treats. These are just plain slices of liver and will get your dog's attention in no time. Be sure to check out our other homemade dog treats with meat to keep your dog happy and satisfied.

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