Do you have a recipe to help prevent lawn damage?

There are treats available commercially such as Drs. Foster and Smith Lawn Guard that promises to prevent lawn burn where your dog urinates. Do you happen to have a recipe for something like that?

Chef's Answer ~ No, I'm sorry I don't have a recipe that would be similar. I checked the ingredients in treats similar to what you are referring to and they contain certain acids and chemicals that would be difficult to obtain and I'm not sure how effective they would be even if you knew the amount to use because of needing to use a home oven to bake them into the treats. I'm afraid this will be one treat you may need to purchase for you dog.

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Use water
by: Cricket

The most effective way to prevent lawn burn doesn't have anything to do with diet. It's to soak the area with water after urination. The urine is super concentrated, which causes the burn. If you dilute it with water, voila, no burn! Don't waste money on those nasty chemical treats and supplements, they don't work nearly as well or as safely as just plain old water!

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