Do dry ingrediant dog treats need to be refrigerated?

by CIndy
(North Carolina)

I had read that since this oatmeal recipe is considered dry ingredients and you are baking moisture out of them, you can leave them out at room temperature for more than 1 week. I contacted another dog bakery and they said the same thing. Do you agree?

Chef's Answer ~ The storage information on my website for any dog treat recipe is a guideline.

Since I have visitors from all over the world, everyone's home environment will be different. So, the humidity in your home will be different from another. Also how hard you bake your dog biscuits will play a factor in how long they can be kept at room temperature.

It all comes down to moisture. How much is in your home and how much remains in your dog cookie. You'll have to be the judge of how long your dog cookies remain at room temperature.

I recommend refrigerating homemade dog treats because there are no preservatives. Plus, it helps keep the treats fresh longer.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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