Displaying cupcakes

by Crystal
(Keller, TX)

I would like to sell my doggie cupcakes in my grooming salon. Do I need a refrigerated display or can I put them in a regular display and then put unsold ones back in the fridge overnight? How long can I leave them out? Do dogs care if they are not moist?

Chef's Answer ~ What a great idea! :) A newly groomed and spiffy looking pup deserves a nice treat.

The decision to chill your cupcakes or not depends entirely on the cupcakes you make. If they have cream cheese frosting or other ingredients that will melt, wilt or become moist and dewy from being left at room temperature then you absolutely need a refrigerated display case. I also noticed that you are from Texas. This is a very warm place and you may want to consider a chilled case due to the high temperatures.

If that is not feasible, then I would recommend changing your choice of treats to sell. I would choose a dog treat recipe that can be baked and dried thoroughly. I would also highly recommend looking into dog treat preservatives no matter what type of homemade treat recipe you choose.

I hope this has helped, or at least pointed you in the right direction. :)

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