Dehydrating cookie to extend shelf life?

by Eliza
(Bellevue, WA)

I realize that most treats will last longer in fridge or freezer. Unfortunately, we have very little space...but I do have a dehydrator. I was told once that if food items are dehydrated, they would last longer at room temperature. If I bake the cookie and then put it into a dehydrator for say 8 hours, do you think it may last at least a couple months at room temperature?

Chef's Answer ~ I don't think that it would work very well. However, I've been wrong before! If you try this, please let me and other dog treat bakers know how it worked!

My suggestions would be to bake a half batch of the blueberry dog treats if you don't have much room in your fridge and freezer. If you bake a smaller batch, you would have approximately 10 dog muffins instead of 20. Then you could keep 5 or 6 in the freezer and keep 4 or 5 out for your dog to enjoy for about 2 weeks. If you have a friend or family member with a dog (and valuable freezer space) you could bake a full batch and keep them in their freezer! Their dog will get a few and so will yours! :)

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dehydration makes a big difference to shelf life
by: Toby

I sell dog biscuits at a local outside market. I've been doing it for several years. I bake the cookies and then dehydrate them for eight hours. They cannot spoil because spoilage requires moisture and my cookies have meat and fish in them so spoiling could be an issue [even though people don't usually have them that long because the dogs beg for them].
BUT -- in order to dehydrate well the cookies have to be rolled quite thin. That's the catch.
If you can't roll them thin, dehydrate and then freeze. They won't spoil.
Toby's Gourmet Dog and Cat Treats, Salt Spring Island BC

Dehydrate cookies
by: All Shook Up!

So how did the Blueberry cookies come out once they were Dehydrated?

Dehydrating cookie
by: Debra

How long do you put the cookies in the dehydrator for?

Dehydrate cookies
by: Anonymous

I dehydrate my dogs treats all the time, it extends there shelf life to about 6 months. However it does not work on all recipes, only cookie type that use dough, not muffins or cakes. There is a peanut butter dog biscuit recipe with oatmeal on this site that is perfect to dehydrate.

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