Daisy Mae - Mini Dachshund

by Marcia
(Naples, FL)

Taking a bath...loving the bubbles!

Taking a bath...loving the bubbles!

Daisy Mae turns 1 on March 20th 2013! She was a gift to her mom for her birthday in September of 2012.

Her favorite treat is part of her new raw diet by: Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diet. She is currently trying the Venison out and loves it! We heard such great things about this diet while visiting our local pet store from several repeat customers. She also enjoys sliced apples with honey, and other than that, she loves anything peanut butter flavored.

She came to us from a pet store on the east coast of Florida, but was born in Kansas, and at just 6 months old she already knew how to play fetch.

Daisy Mae's favorite toy is her little beaver that fits perfectly in her mouth, and she enjoys carrying it around with her all over the house, playing with it on the bed and burying it underneath the blankets.

She is the sweetest dog south of the border and enjoys being playful, cuddling up and getting a great night's rest while sleeping on her back - paws up!

We could not imagine our lives without this little peace of heaven...even when she's naughty and getting into puppy trouble, with one look, she can melt your heart.

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by: Danny

I am very glad to hear about your sweet Daisy Mae. I have a little one in my home and I have been caring her with a lot of love. All the members in my family like her very much due to her cuteness and obedience. I can’t imagine a day without playing with her.

Doxies are the BEST!
by: Tracy

We have two 10-yr old mini doxies (Max & Baxter) and they have been the best little additions to our family (we don't like calling them 'pets'). We've kept them quite trim so they don't have back problems like a lot of other doxies.
Your beautiful Daisy Mae looks so much like Max. What a little cutie pie! I noticed that you pay specially attention to her diet and I commend you for that. Max is allergic to gluten (gives him hot spots), so we keep it out of both their diets and I think it's also helped to keep them more trim. Doxies think they are about 10x bigger than they really are and will try to take on larger dogs and will do anything to protect their family. They are such wonderful companions. I wish you a lot of happiness with your

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