Can you offer me some recipes for low or preferably no carb treats for dogs with cancer?

by Denise
(Los Angeles)

I'm trying to avoid feeding my dog carbs as he was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He constantly begs for food but since most processed treats contain carbs, he has been treat-less for the past month. Any suggestions? (I also am trying to avoid omega 6s.)

Chef's Answer ~ Wow, that's tough going without treats for a month! I don't have any specific recipes for your dogs needs, but I can make some suggestions. You will need to make several substitutions when choosing dog treat recipes. Try almond flour or flax meal in replace of wheat flours as these two options are low in carbs. Pumpkin is low in carbs, and I have several pumpkin recipes you could customize for your dog. You could also consider using low carb dog food as a "treat". Just because it is not in a biscuit form does not mean that it is not a special treat to your dog. EVO makes a low carb dog food, as does Honest Kitchen brand Embark is low in carbs. As always, check with your Vet to ensure the treats are safe for her continued treatments and overall health.

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Barf diet
by: Anonymous

I have gone low carb and use coconut flour in my recipes. Coconut cream and coconut oil are also great. When using coconut flour use only 1/3 to 1/4 the amount of regular flour and 3-4 times the eggs. Frozen coconut oil pieces are great at home. Linseeds soaked in water for 24 hrs then added to minced meat or liver and put in dehydrator or slow oven also work. You may be interested in "Feed your dog a bone"or the BARF diet by Ian Billingham - not sure if the surname is correct. He talks about diet causing disease. There is also a pet site on - good luck

low carb treats
by: Anonymous

We just lost a dog to cancer, but while he was living we made our own food-low carb high protein. You could make jerky, or you could think about cheese chunks or favorite veggies. Really ours did not miss treats because he ate smaller more frequent meals. One thing I firmly believe when we started making the dogs food ourselves we played a part in extending his life. I don't think we will ever buy kibble or canned food again.

Low Carb Dog Treats
by: Anonymous

Does your dog like jerky type snacks? There are plenty of turkey, salmon and others. For cookies, quinoa flour is supposed to be lower on the glycemic index. Good luck finding something that works, sounds like he could use a treat :)

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