Can you freeze the prepared batter for dog or cat treats until you are ready to bake?

by Linda Blasie
(Casa Grande AZ)

I will be baking dog and cat treats for a bake sale. I would like to put the ingredients together ahead of time and freeze it. Can that be done?

Chef's Answer ~ I can't think of any of my dog treat recipes that you couldn't freeze the unbaked dough. I think that is a wonderful idea to pre-make the batter for a quicker bake time.

A few notes, be sure to thoroughly wrap the dough first in plastic wrap and then in foil or a zip top freezer bag to ensure freshness while in the freezer.

If you bake the treats directly from the freezer before they have had a chance to thaw, you may want to lower the temperature by 25 degrees and possibly increase the bake time as well.

I hope that helps, enjoy your bake sale! :)

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