Can you bake a dog biscuit with crushed glucosamine & chondroitin pills?

by D. Alston
(McLean, VA )

Trader Joe's stopped selling their hip & joint peanut butter dog biscuits. My dog does not like most brands of hip & joint treats I have tried (except the way too expensive Pedigree Good bites). I have human glucosamine & chondroitin pills (for myself).

Is there a way to bake ground up pills into homemade biscuits?

Chef's Comments ~ Unfortunately baking with these supplements at home changes their properties, and is not recommended.

My best suggestion to you is to make dog muffins, either regular or mini depending on the size of your dog, and after they are baked, slyly sneak the glucosamine supplement in the middle.

I hope this helps you and your dog. :)

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