Can dog biscuit dough be frozen?

For convenience I would like to be able to freeze the unbaked dough. Can I freeze the dough, and if so, for how long? If not, can the dough be refrigerated? Thank you!

Chef's Answer ~ Absolutely! Freezing the dog cookie dough is a great way to always be ready with fresh baked cookies.

There are a couple ways you can freeze your dough. You can roll your dough into a log and when you're ready to bake, cut slices from your log and bake as the recipe states.

Or, you can pre-form your cookie balls, place them on a parchment lined sheet pan and freeze. Once you have little frozen dough balls, place them in a labeled freezer bag.

Be sure to use freezer bags or double wrap with foil to ensure they do not get freezer burn or absorb too many "flavors" from your freezer.

You can bake your dog cookies straight from the freezer if you want. Just add more baking time. Or, you can thaw your dough before baking and bake as the recipe instructs.

Keep your frozen dog treat dough for 3 months up to 6 months.

Your dog treat dough can be refrigerated, but usually not more than a few days. I highly recommend the freezing techniques unless you are going to bake your dog cookies the next day.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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