Breeze - Golden Retriever

by Emma Valle
(United States, Kentucky )

One of her favorites!

One of her favorites!

I make homemade dog treats for my dog because I think it's fun and my dog seems to really enjoy them. Also when I make them I know exactly what I'm feeding her... its also cheap.

My dog REALLY likes peanut butter treats so I make those a lot for her. She also likes the apples soaked in lemon juice and water, baked and covered in cinnamon she loves those. Frozen veggies and fruits she likes on a hot day.

When I'm making the dog treats she drools all over the floor waiting for them! My dog is really special she can do a lot of tricks like shake your hand and she can even dance!!!!

She gets in my bed with me every night and is there to wake me up in the morning. She's a family dog, she always follows me wherever I go, and she's always so happy to see me when I get back if I had to leave her at the house.

She's very protective which I guess is a good thing and is always full of energy. I've had her since she was a puppy and she's always there to comfort me. She's really a great dog, and a best friend that's why I love her :D

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