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7 Winter Dog Treat Recipes - Dog Treat Mixing Bowl - Issue #64
December 06, 2014

Our Favorite Winter
Dog Treat Recipes
& How to Ship
Homemade Dog Treats

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7 All Time Favorite
Seasonal Homemade Dog Treats

This month we are featuring some of our favorite winter or seasonal homemade dog treat recipes. Which ones will you make this year?

First is our Candy Cane Recipe:

No time to make your own candy cane dog treats? No need to fret, your dog can still enjoy a new candy cane dog toy. :)

Next up on the favorite list is our Gingerbread Dog Bones Recipe:

Now that your dogs tummy is full of healthy gingerbread treats, keep her mind busy, too. Try out this fun gingerbread house dog puzzle toy for hours of entertainment.

The third recipe this month is sure to be your dogs absolute favorite, our Cranberry & Liver Brownies:

If you can't bring yourself to make dog treats with liver, then at least give your dog freeze dried liver dog treats. They'll have less smell for you, but all the flavor that your dog will love.

Fourth on the favorites list is an unusual dog treat, but one that your dog will enjoy. Our Winter Squash Oatmeal Muffins:

We used butternut squash in the above recipe, but you can also use acorn squash, delicata squash, golden nugget squash, or another winter squash that is in season at your local store. The only winter squash that doesn't work well in this dog treat recipe is spaghetti squash.

The fifth homemade dog treat is gluten free, and can be decorated or turned into an edible gift tag! :) No matter how you cut them, or decorate them, be sure to make our Gluten Free Dog Biscuits:

Don't forget, you can make most of these dog treat recipes with a gluten free flour mix. :)

While canned pumpkin is readily available this time of year, make this favorite Pumpkin Biscotti Dog Treats:

Pumpkin is so good for our dogs. If your dog loves the taste of pumpkin, why not stock up on some healthy pumpkin dog treats.

Last on our list is a traditional human treat, made especially for your dog, Fruit Cake. This doggie fruit cake makes a beautiful gift. Make our Fruit Cake Dog Treat Recipe:

If you love making homemade dog treats for your dog and as gifts, maybe it's time to consider opening your own dog bakery business. There are so many ways to go about this seemingly daunting task. That's why I think you should start by reading my review of a very helpful eBook on How to Start Your Own Dog Bakery Business.

How to Ship Homemade Dog Treats

Making a homemade gift is one of the most thoughtful things you can give to a friend. The same is true of homemade dog treats. Share the love to your friends and families dogs by shipping homemade dog treats.

We've compiled a few helpful tips on how to ship homemade dog treats to ensure that your gift giving efforts are met with success.

December Featured Fans ~ Whiskey, Smokey, Koda, Brandi & Kaci

Our Featured Fan for December is a family of 5 Australian Shepherds. Their guardian said that they enjoy all the recipes they've tried, especially any with peanut butter.

What a beautiful family of dogs! Thank you for sharing your sweet Aussies with us. :)

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Happy Dog Treat Baking!


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