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Dog Treat Mixing Bowl - Issue #40 - Gluten Free Dog Biscuit Recipe
December 01, 2012

Gluten Free Dog Biscuits
Decorated like Candy Canes

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Gluten Free Dog Biscuit Recipe

Gluten Free Dog Biscuits can be rolled and cut into any shape you want. We love the seasonal favorite candy cane, so we wanted to show you just two ways to decorate this dog treat recipe.

The first way is to cut out the shape of a candy cane. Then mix up a batch of our egg paint dog treat icing and decorate before you bake your dog biscuits.

We did the traditional striped pattern, but don't be limited with the shape or color. You could easily do purple polka dots just as easily as red stripes! :)

The second way to decorate these gluten free dog biscuits is to make it into a sandwich cookie. Cut two circles of dough and cut out a shape, ours is a candy cane, in one of the circles.

After the dog biscuits are baked and cooled, use one teaspoon of natural 100% fruit spread to fill in the cutout shape.

We used a berry mix spread, but if you chose a strawberry or cherry spread your dog biscuit filling would be more red.

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We Love Dogs

It is probably obvious after 4 years of making homemade dog treat recipes that I have a great love for dogs.

What you may not know is that I also love all of my website visitors! :)

When I see the love you have for your dog, it warms my heart that I am able, in some small way, to improve the relationship between you and your dog all with a simple dog treat.

Thank you for making my job of developing the best homemade dog treat recipes possible.

As you enjoy this holiday season be safe and remember to tell the ones you love, just how much you love them.

Classic Seasonal Dog Treat Recipes

I love winter. Plain and simple. The oven warms the home and fills it with the smell of homemade dog treats! Make one or all of these classic seasonal dog treat recipes:

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Liver & Cranberry Brownies Testimonials

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Thanks for reading. Until next time,

Happy Dog Treat Baking!


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