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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe this Winter - Dog Treat Mixing Bowl - Issue #76
December 05, 2015

Winter Safety Tips
Seasonal Dog Treat Recipes
Price Cut on eBook Cookbooks

Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog

Keeping our dogs safe is part of the privilege of being their guardians. The winter season can present it's own set of challenges for our furry companions. Here are a few tips to help you keep your dog warm and comfortable this season:

  1. No Baths, Hooray! - Well, at least keep the baths to an absolute minimum during cold weather. Then be sure to thoroughly dry your dog so she doesn't stay damp. Or, switch to dry shampoo or wipes for the occasional clean up.

  2. Extra Treats - Dogs tend to burn more calories in the cooler weather. If you are regularly wiping your dogs paws dry and inspecting them for ice, feel free to give an extra homemade dog treat or two as a reward.

  3. Sooth those Paws - Speaking of paws, check for cracks and sooth them with a specially made dog paw lotion or balm. Or, if nothing else, massage in a small amount of petroleum jelly from time to time.

  4. Walk with Protection - If you take long walks with your dog in the cold weather, you need to be aware of a couple things. First, don't let your dog eat snow. There could be foreign items in it, and besides, your homemade dog treats taste better. Second, steer clear of antifreeze, salt and other ice melting compounds. These can make your dog sick if ingested. Lastly, if you're out and about with your dog often, a good pair of protecting dog booties and a waterproof dog jacket will allow your dog to stay safe and warm for as far as your walk can take you both.
  5. Watch Out for Other Dogs - Not all dogs are as fortunate as the above picture of one of our website visitors dog, Mesha, to be wrapped up in a blanket, inside on the couch. If you notice a dog left outside in extreme temperatures, contact your local law enforcement or animal control. Inform them of the type of animal, or animals left outside, the time, exact location, date and any other pertinent information.

How do you keep your dog safe and warm during the cold winter months? I'd love to see pictures of your dogs enjoying the warmth of the fire, playing in the snow or snuggled up on your lap. :) I'll feature a couple photos in next months newsletter. Simply hit reply to this newsletter, attach a photo and tell me a little about how you and your dog cope with the winter weather.

Seasonal Favorite Dog Treat Recipes
& How to Ship them as Gifts

It's that time of year again to tie up your apron strings and get to baking homemade dog treats for your dog, and all the precious dogs in your life.

An all time favorite is our Gingerbread Dog Bones. One recipe reviewer has this to say:

"The biscuits turned out exactly as the recipe indicated.

Zuba was literally barking at the oven for them to come out! I put one in the freezer to cool more quickly so he could taste it. What a hit!"

It wouldn't be winter without a candy cane or two. Make these special Sugar Free Dog Candy Canes for a healthy and adorable treat. Here's what Shari from Texas says for this recipe:

"Made this recipe last night. They turned out pretty good. They are not as good as the picture with this recipe, but good. I did not put in the peppermint, but did use the red food color. My suggestion(s): keep dough cold at all times. Makes it easier to roll into "worms" and easier to handle when twisting. Keep dough covered so it does not dry out. I rolled out the "worms" on my granite counter top and they did not stick to it."

Excellent suggestion on keeping the dog treat dough cold in between creating the strips for the candy canes.

Now that you have a recipe or two to make as gifts, you'll need to know how to best wrap and/or ship them to their intended recipient. Be sure to check out our Helpful Tips on How to Ship Homemade Dog Treats for the best way to send your gifts.

Limited Time Price Cut on my eBooks

As a big "thank you" for being such wonderful newsletter subscribers, I am discounting my eBooks for the rest of the month of December.

Now each eBook only cost $3.95! That's our largest discount yet, and it's all month long. :) If you've been waiting to get your own copy, now's the time. Or, give one as a gift to a fellow dog lover.

Dog Cake Recipes for Every Occasion


Easy Dog Treat Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less!

Unfortunately the printed version of each eBook will be going up in price next year. The shipping costs are much higher than I first anticipated. However, they will stay at the $9.95 price until the end of the year.

Starting in January they will be $12.95 each or, $12.95 for the first book, and $9.95 for the second book, if purchased at the same time.

Please note, this is not a professionally bound book, it is only a printed version of the eBook. However, the price is higher due to the time and materials required to provide the book in printed form. Testimonials

We get lots of feedback from our website visitors, just like you. Here's what some of them are saying . . .

"I have recently found your site and LOVE it!!! I was fostering, and now have officially adopted, a 10 y/o chi/rat terrier mix who has Addison's disease. Finding wheat/soy/corn/additive-FREE recipes for doggie treats has been a challenge - but your site has given me hope with recipes that I can use - I have already made one and Taz simply loves the treat!!! Please keep special recipes for treats coming for our 4-legged children who have medical issues and hence special needs."

What are your thoughts? Don't keep them to yourself, Contact Us and let us know what you like, or even dislike, about Dog Treat The more you share, the more you help all dog treat bakers, and their dogs.

Are you and your dog hungry for more? Let me know what you would like to see on the Dog Treat

Want more of a certain type of recipe? Need treat ideas for your next dog party? Let me know what's missing from the dog treat pantry and I'll get to it right away.

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

Happy Dog Treat Baking!


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