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Dog Treat Mixing Bowl - Issue #31 - Frozen Dog Treats with Yogurt
August 06, 2011

Frozen Dog Treats &
Special Announcement

What's Cooking? Dog treats, of course! The Dog Treat Mixing Bowl newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest recipes, ingredients, tips and techniques. Our goal is to make baking homemade dog treats simple, fun, and nutritious.

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Dog Treat Recipe of the Month:

Creamy Yogurt Dog Pops - When you're hot, you can guarantee your dog is hot too. This month we developed a creamy and satisfying dog treat recipe that will also cool your dog inside out.

The dog treat recipe comes together in a matter of minutes and once it's frozen it will be a welcomed treat on a hot summer day.

Switch up the recipe by substituting canned salmon or chicken. Or, for our vegetarian dogs out there, use a 1/2 cup of pureed or very finely chopped fruit or vegetables to make this recipe all your own.

I used an adorable silicone fish themed ice cube tray that I just happened to find at IKEA. But, you can use a classic ice cube tray instead. The flavor of this frozen treat will be the same no matter what shape it is in! :)

Below is a picture of a classic ice cube shape compared to the size and shape of the specialty ice cube fish shape. It's much larger, which is nice because it will stay frozen longer. But the smaller shape is perfect for smaller dogs.

Have you thought about starting your own at home Dog Bakery business? What are you waiting for? Start by reading why I recommend this book on how to start your own dog bakery business. It just might give you the confidence you've been needing to start your very own business.

Special Announcement

As you may or may not know, is run by just one person, me, with some occasional help from my husband (see my About Me page).

I've been publishing a monthly newsletter now for 2 1/2 years. After this issue the Dog Treat Mixing Bowl Newsletter will be a quarterly publication. You will receive an issue on the first Saturday of every March, June, September and December. You will receive the first quarterly issue on Saturday, December 3rd.

Throughout the year I may send out a special issue. These will be for extra special recipes, contests and promotions that I think you would really benefit from receiving.

The benefit to all of you will be the improved content of each newsletter. There will be more than one recipe, more pictures and as always tons of great ideas for decorating or customizing the dog treats to meet your dog's needs.

I hope that you have enjoyed the monthly newsletters, and will continue to support As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. You can use our Contact Us form anytime.

I will miss hearing from you all each month after each newsletter, but I am very much still an active part of the website. Please stop by anytime, review a recipe, ask a question or share our website with any of your favorite places like Facebook, Twitter & Google +1 (Plus One). Testimonials

We get lots of feedback from our website visitors, just like you. Here's what some of them are saying . . .

"My dog Diesel and all of his friends at the dog park love the Italian Spinach Balls. Keep the great recipes coming."

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great website. It is my go-to site for answers and great receipts. I've also passed it along to others who need education about care and feeding of dogs."

What are your thoughts? Don't keep them to yourself, Contact Us and let us know what you like, or even dislike, about Dog Treat The more you share, the more you help all dog treat bakers, and their dogs.

Newsletter Sneak Peek

What's New for December?

Our First Ever Biscotti recipe and a Decadent Brownie recipe!

There's so much more to come in the next Newsletter. The contents of which will fill your dogs stomach and make sure you have a constant four legged shadow waiting for more treats to come from your loving hands. :)

Are you and your dog hungry for more? Let me know what you would like to see on the Dog Treat

Want more of a certain type of recipe? Need treat ideas for your next dog party? Let me know what's missing from the dog treat pantry and I'll get to it right away.

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

Happy Dog Treat Baking!


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