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Dog Treat Mixing Bowl - Issue #25 - Love Your Dogs Heart with Spinach & Carrot Dog Cookies
February 05, 2011

Love Your Dogs Heart
with Heart Healthy Spinach & Carrot Dog Cookies

What's Cooking? Dog treats, of course! The Dog Treat Mixing Bowl newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest recipes, ingredients, tips and techniques. Our goal is to make baking homemade dog treats simple, fun, and nutritious.

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Dog Treat Recipe of the Month:

Heart Healthy Spinach & Carrot Dog Cookies - These cookies are dense and chewy, with a touch of Parmesan cheese, chicken broth and extra virgin olive oil to make them extra tempting to your dog's taste buds.

February is full of love for our canine companions. But, beyond keeping your dog safe from the multitude of possible chocolate encounters, take a moment to check your dogs heart.

Here is an independent website with all kinds of facts on how to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease in dogs:

They have a quick checklist to determine if your dog is at risk. Did you know that certain breeds are more susceptible than others? Find the checklist here:

Is Your Dog at Risk?

In addition to these healthy and tasty homemade dog cookies, be sure to help your dog get plenty of exercise, a healthy diet and regular check-ups to your Vet, or a holistic Vet.

Do you enjoy making homemade dog treats that contribute to your dogs overall health? Do you wish all dogs could benefit from healthy and nutritious dog treats? Then you may want to consider starting a dog treat business. To help you get started, read my book review about how to start your own dog bakery business.

Dog Treat Icing - Sample Packs

The best thing about making homemade dog treats is the joy and love we receive from giving our dogs the very best treats.

But a close second is actually making and decorating those little brown biscuits into something adorable. :)

That's why this month I wanted to show you this great sample pack of different flavors and types of icing from K9

dog treat icing

In this sample pack you receive:

  • sugar free yogurt icing mix
  • yogurt royal icing mix
  • cream cheese icing mix
  • bones & balls sprinkles, and
  • colored icing mix in a tube for easy writing

There's no need to decide or choose which icing is best to decorate with, try them all and make your pooch jump for joy at her very own special decorated homemade dog treat. :) Testimonials

We get lots of feedback from our website visitors, just like you. Here's what some of them are saying . . .

"I love your newsletter and site. Thanks so much for all the information. I'm kind of a novice, but your site has inspired me for my little dog."

"I want to thank you for the helpful hints and recipes! My German Shepherd is allergic to corn and because of this, we have to be very picky on what she can have to eat. Even when we purchased biscuits from the store that did not have corn products in it, she would still have problems. We searched for recipes to make and we found your website with lots of treats that she can eat. I can now give both my pets treats and not exclude the other. Thanks again!"

What are your thoughts? Don't keep them to yourself, Contact Us and let us know what you like, or even dislike, about Dog Treat The more you share, the more you help all dog treat bakers, and their dogs.

Dog Treat Baking Tips

This month's tip comes from Clark who shared this months tip:

"When I make up my treats I use half the dough with the cookie cutter for biscuits. The other half I roll into bread sticks and then with scissors I cut off bits in 1/4 to 1/2 inch segments. They are now training treats. My Jack Russell loves them."

Thanks Clark for taking the time to share this great tip! Share your dog treat tips with your fellow bakers! We know you have lots of great ideas, ways of making and creative ways of decorating homemade dog treats.

Share your tips and they might be featured in our newsletter. Or, if you have a baking question you'd like answered here, let us know and the answer may be published in the next issue.

Show Us the Love of Your Life

We know you love your dog, so what are you waiting for? Create a page dedicated to your loved pup.

Introduce us to who you're baking for. Create a web page just for your dog, tell us their favorite treat, what makes them special, or anything else you'd like to add. Don't forget to add lots of cute photos of your dog.

Newsletter Sneak Peek

What's New for March?

March is National Peanut Butter Month and we are going to celebrate it with a new peanut butter recipe your dog is sure to gobble up! :)

Are you and your dog hungry for more? Let me know what you would like to see on the Dog Treat

Want more of a certain type of recipe? Need treat ideas for your next dog party? Let me know what's missing from the dog treat pantry and I'll get to it right away.

Thanks for reading. Until next month,

Happy Dog Treat Baking!


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