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Help Your Dog Stay Calm During Fireworks - Dog Treat Mixing Bowl - Issue #83
July 02, 2016

Help Your Dog Stay Calm
During Fireworks
& Dog Fire Safety Day

You Can Help Your Dog
Stay Calm

A warm night, blankets on the grass and looking up at a dazzling firework display can be very enjoyable for us ... but not for our dogs. The sounds, smells and lights can overwhelm even the calmest of dogs. Follow a few easy steps to help your dog handle fireworks and thunderstorms.

Steps to Stay Calm

  • Exercise - When you know there will be fireworks, or even a thunderstorm, plan accordingly. The day of the event take your dog on a long and rigorous exercise jaunt. This will vary with every dog, their energy level and age. However, whatever is appropriate for your dog, get them tired! They'll be more likely to want to rest when all the activity starts.

  • Secure the Doors - When a dog is startled, they can easily wiggle through the smallest of openings. Secure any doors and windows in your home.

  • Stay Indoors - Speaking of your home, keep your dog inside during the time of fireworks. If at all possible, stay with your dog, too.

  • Comfort - Make a cozy place for your dog to retreat to. Fill her crate or other place of comfort with favorite toys and blankets.

  • Distractions - Turn on the TV for background noise, or better yet, play a Calming CD of Music Made for Dogs style=

  • Specialty Products - You may want to consider some specialty products if the above tactics aren't enough. An item that is often successful in relieving stress in dogs is a snugly fit Anti Anxiety Jacket or Coat style=. Another route to go is with calming essential oils. You can find Dog Safe Drops, Sprays and Diffusers style= that contain a blend of essential oils proven to help calm dogs.

Your dog relies on you to help her feel calm and safe, so please consider applying one or all of the above suggestions if you have a stressed canine.

Chicken Broth Dog Treats

Our Chicken Broth Dog Biscuit Recipe is a perfect fit for a stressed out dog. The first reason is that the ingredients are very mild. The last thing you want is an upset tummy when your dog is nervous. The second reason is that the dog biscuit is a wonderful vessel for calming drops like Rescue Remedy for Dogs style=. Or, if you don't have the time to make a homemade calming dog treat, you can purchase a commercially made package of calming dog treats style=.

If your dog doesn't mind all the ruckus from holidays, thunderstorms or life in general, you should still make these chicken broth dog treats. :) Here are some of the reviews for this dog treat recipe:

  • "I baked these cookies for my little dog today, they were very easy!"

  • "My Micki girl loves them. I keep them in the freezer to give her a cold treat. Thanks for coming up with this idea."

  • "My mini schnauzer loved this recipe. I swear she waits in the kitchen while they're baking. The recipe is very easy to follow and easy to double or triple to make extra for other doggie friends."

July Dog Events

July 21st - National Craft for Your Local Shelter Day - Yep, you heard me right, you get a whole day of recognizing and appreciating your local shelter by making beds, toys, bandanas, and my favorite ... homemade dog treats! :) Find out more from this fun site Sew Doggy Style:

July 15th - National Pet Fire Safety Day - We can't spend every day making treats and crafts, we have to get prepared and make a fire safety plan for our dogs sake. The AKC has several tips on how to keep our dogs from accidentally starting fires, and how to keep them safe in case a fire breaks out. Read more here:

July 31st - National Mutt Day - This is a special day for all of the mixed breed dogs that inhabit our lives. If you have room in your heart and home, please consider adopting a dog in need. If not, at least try to donate your time or money to your local charity to help the deserving "Mutts" in your area. Learn more here:

Easy & Fun (and of Course Healthy)
Dog Treat Recipes

Summer is all about Easy & Fun, so why make homemade dog treats difficult, time consuming and unpleasant?

Get in and out of the kitchen and spend more time with your dogs with my easy, and of course healthy, dog treat recipe eBooks. :)

Both of my eBooks, 15 Easy Dog Treat Recipes and my second eBook Dog Cake Recipes for Every Occasion have quick, easy and delicious recipes with helpful step by step pictures. Testimonials

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Happy Dog Treat Baking!


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